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check list

Final check list…ready?

1.  All items tagged and in ITEM NUMBER order (when you print your tags, they print backwards (to me) so be careful when you cut them out to keep them in order…hopefully you’ve kept your items in order when you entered them:).

2.  Print out your INVENTORY REPORT. we use this to check you in.  Without it, you will have to go home or to the library to print out your list….we do not have a printer or web access at the store.

3.  Print out the SELLER’S AGREEMENT ***THIS IS NEW***It is under the “Consignors” tab in the menu bar.  Click on “Seller’s Agreement” and the download will begin.  No worries, if you don’t do this, we will have some extras at receiving…but hopefully, this will help those who are having friends (really good friends who you will owe a lot to) drop your items off.

4.  You have given yourself at least 30 minutes to spend at receiving if you have 100 items or less…remember, you will bring your items in (through the gate on the right of the store, and to the back), let one of us check in your items, then you will place them in the correct places on the sales floor.  This takes more than 5 minutes…please be mindful of this.  We will have the numbers again if we need them…we’re hoping adding another 9 hours of receiving time and extra hours for those with 175 or more items will make things go a bit smoother and faster.

Ok, I think that’s what my brain can remember to tell you right now.  We have a few more hangers. Let me know if you need directions to them.  We are out of cardstock, but will be getting some later today.  If you need us to print out your tags, they are $1 a page and you must get in touch with us BEFORE receiving begins.  Plain cardstock is 10 sheets for $1

Have fun!


A couple reminders…

Just letting you know we are reaching the 10,000 items entered mark!  We are mapping out the floor plan now according to how you categorize your entered items…so please help us!  You have almost 2000 0-24 month clothing items entered, you have several strollers, bikes, and large toys entered as well.  Please be as careful about your sizing and categorizing as you can be.  I promise there is a reason for it all.  If you enter everything as NA or general, it doesn’t do us much good in determining how much space we need to give you.  Oh, and I’ve noticed you have swim items…I know, you are transferring items from the last sale, but just a reminder that those will sell much better in the Sp/Summer sale (and we won’t be allowing them in at receiving). By this time last sale we were at the half way mark with inventory – does that give you an idea how much will be at this sale? SHEW!

Ok, now for the good stuff…I want to make sure you know that you can still donate your unsold items.  We will donate any unsold items that you have marked “donate” to a local charity.  That is completely up to you.  Some like to donate their unsold items and then have their checks mailed.  That is still an option on the seller’s agreement, just mark it for us.  For those who have continued to read this far, just a reminder, consignors will shop MONDAY night…you get the entire night to yourselves!  We are hoping this gives you more time to look and a more peaceful environment to do so.

The store is coming along…we took a break this afternoon for naps and dinner…next round coming up!  (only one child with a bump on their head from a falling piece of a rack…pray for our kiddos during this time, we’d appreciate it…I’m feeling a little guilty on how their summer is ending)

Dee and Renee

We Passed!

WE PASSED!!!  Ok, so it took much more in every way than we expected, but inspection has been passed and we will be able to open for business…PRAISE THE LORD!  Soooo…our vendors are getting all their items ready for you (we only have a couple more spaces available if you know of someone who may be interested, send them our way), the trailers are gassing up to move all the stuff, and the consignors are BUSY!  Can I say, we are always impressed by you.  We had some angels drop down hangers to the porch…THANK YOU!  Yes, they are about gone now, but they helped out some of you.  If you have extras…we NEED THEM NOW!  Contact me, please:).  You have been entering items like crazy this past week and we know there are still 2 weekends for you to get busy…so we are making room!  We want to remind you that the flyers are a click away…print it out and place it wherever you are allowed…that is what gets your stuff sold!  Again…print out and post those flyers (right hand side of the site).  Another reminder…Check-in is for those of you who will have 175 or more items, please make an appointment as soon as you know.  Please make sure you are entering size and gender on your tags.  It helps us determine space and also determines if a lost tag will find it’s rightful place!  We are trying to make space for all the extras the fall sale offers…costumes, uniforms, and our newbie…JUNIORS!  So make sure you bring them!

I think that’s it for now!  We’re excited about seeing you!  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Dee and Renee

PS…we will not accept any drop down crib…so sorry!

10 Days!

Alright, consider this the SOS for hangers.  We are nearing the end of our supply and there are still many in need…if you have any extras PLEASE let us know (  We will try to put the last of the hangers out Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

Receiving!  It begins in 10 days!!!!  The beauty of that announcement is that if you have taken a look at all the new times and dates you realize you have 2 more weekends…that’s right!  We have added Monday back to the receiving schedule.  So now all you last minute vacationers have a couple more days to procrastinate!  Whoo Hoo!  With that said, those of you who know you will have over 175 items, we will be posting times to schedule your check-in appointment tonight or tomorrow night on the site.  Since this is new, please be patient with us.  In theory, you should be able to click on “check-in” and follow the prompts and choose from the times available.  We really hope it will be that easy:).  Again, the “check-in” times will be only for those with 175 items or more.

Now, about “receiving”…to refresh your memory we offer Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and now Monday to bring your items to us.  We ask that you attempt to “share the time” so we don’t have another “tail gate party” out there.  We know it was fun for some, but remember, it’s August…it will NOT be 70-75 degrees.  Also…FOR EVERYONE…we have added the “Sellers Agreement” to the website (under “consignors“) to try to make the receiving process a bit faster.  If you will print, read, and sign it then bring it along with your inventory report (manage inventory/reports (bottom right)/inventory report/print), things will be very nice.

So, here’s the scoop:  1. Enter your items…you have 2 more weekends     2. We need hangers     3. Schedule a “Check-in” time if you have over 175 items   4. Don’t forget the “Sellers Agreement” and the “inventory report” when coming to receiving

Last two items…pray…we have yet to pass the building inspection…kinda important.  finally, yes, it’s the fall/winter sale, but we do accept short sleeves and sports shorts.

Ok, Have a great week and let us know if we can do anything for you!

-Dee and Renee

This Week…

Hi Ladies!  Just wanted to let you know we will be away from the computers for a week.  I will do my best to keep up, but no promises until Saturday:).

The best way to reach us will still be email for this week.

Hangers are still available in the same location as last year.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  We are accepting Junior sized clothing.  This means 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.  Ladies, this does NOT mean “ladies” clothing…just juniors.  We’re gonna give this a try first.

Have a great week!