check list

Final check list…ready?

1.  All items tagged and in ITEM NUMBER order (when you print your tags, they print backwards (to me) so be careful when you cut them out to keep them in order…hopefully you’ve kept your items in order when you entered them:).

2.  Print out your INVENTORY REPORT. we use this to check you in.  Without it, you will have to go home or to the library to print out your list….we do not have a printer or web access at the store.

3.  Print out the SELLER’S AGREEMENT ***THIS IS NEW***It is under the “Consignors” tab in the menu bar.  Click on “Seller’s Agreement” and the download will begin.  No worries, if you don’t do this, we will have some extras at receiving…but hopefully, this will help those who are having friends (really good friends who you will owe a lot to) drop your items off.

4.  You have given yourself at least 30 minutes to spend at receiving if you have 100 items or less…remember, you will bring your items in (through the gate on the right of the store, and to the back), let one of us check in your items, then you will place them in the correct places on the sales floor.  This takes more than 5 minutes…please be mindful of this.  We will have the numbers again if we need them…we’re hoping adding another 9 hours of receiving time and extra hours for those with 175 or more items will make things go a bit smoother and faster.

Ok, I think that’s what my brain can remember to tell you right now.  We have a few more hangers. Let me know if you need directions to them.  We are out of cardstock, but will be getting some later today.  If you need us to print out your tags, they are $1 a page and you must get in touch with us BEFORE receiving begins.  Plain cardstock is 10 sheets for $1

Have fun!


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