A couple reminders…

Just letting you know we are reaching the 10,000 items entered mark!  We are mapping out the floor plan now according to how you categorize your entered items…so please help us!  You have almost 2000 0-24 month clothing items entered, you have several strollers, bikes, and large toys entered as well.  Please be as careful about your sizing and categorizing as you can be.  I promise there is a reason for it all.  If you enter everything as NA or general, it doesn’t do us much good in determining how much space we need to give you.  Oh, and I’ve noticed you have swim items…I know, you are transferring items from the last sale, but just a reminder that those will sell much better in the Sp/Summer sale (and we won’t be allowing them in at receiving). By this time last sale we were at the half way mark with inventory – does that give you an idea how much will be at this sale? SHEW!

Ok, now for the good stuff…I want to make sure you know that you can still donate your unsold items.  We will donate any unsold items that you have marked “donate” to a local charity.  That is completely up to you.  Some like to donate their unsold items and then have their checks mailed.  That is still an option on the seller’s agreement, just mark it for us.  For those who have continued to read this far, just a reminder, consignors will shop MONDAY night…you get the entire night to yourselves!  We are hoping this gives you more time to look and a more peaceful environment to do so.

The store is coming along…we took a break this afternoon for naps and dinner…next round coming up!  (only one child with a bump on their head from a falling piece of a rack…pray for our kiddos during this time, we’d appreciate it…I’m feeling a little guilty on how their summer is ending)

Dee and Renee

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