We Passed!

WE PASSED!!!  Ok, so it took much more in every way than we expected, but inspection has been passed and we will be able to open for business…PRAISE THE LORD!  Soooo…our vendors are getting all their items ready for you (we only have a couple more spaces available if you know of someone who may be interested, send them our way), the trailers are gassing up to move all the stuff, and the consignors are BUSY!  Can I say, we are always impressed by you.  We had some angels drop down hangers to the porch…THANK YOU!  Yes, they are about gone now, but they helped out some of you.  If you have extras…we NEED THEM NOW!  Contact me, please:).  You have been entering items like crazy this past week and we know there are still 2 weekends for you to get busy…so we are making room!  We want to remind you that the flyers are a click away…print it out and place it wherever you are allowed…that is what gets your stuff sold!  Again…print out and post those flyers (right hand side of the site).  Another reminder…Check-in is for those of you who will have 175 or more items, please make an appointment as soon as you know.  Please make sure you are entering size and gender on your tags.  It helps us determine space and also determines if a lost tag will find it’s rightful place!  We are trying to make space for all the extras the fall sale offers…costumes, uniforms, and our newbie…JUNIORS!  So make sure you bring them!

I think that’s it for now!  We’re excited about seeing you!  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Dee and Renee

PS…we will not accept any drop down crib…so sorry!

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