10 Days!

Alright, consider this the SOS for hangers.  We are nearing the end of our supply and there are still many in need…if you have any extras PLEASE let us know (info@TheConsignmentSale.com).  We will try to put the last of the hangers out Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

Receiving!  It begins in 10 days!!!!  The beauty of that announcement is that if you have taken a look at all the new times and dates you realize you have 2 more weekends…that’s right!  We have added Monday back to the receiving schedule.  So now all you last minute vacationers have a couple more days to procrastinate!  Whoo Hoo!  With that said, those of you who know you will have over 175 items, we will be posting times to schedule your check-in appointment tonight or tomorrow night on the site.  Since this is new, please be patient with us.  In theory, you should be able to click on “check-in” and follow the prompts and choose from the times available.  We really hope it will be that easy:).  Again, the “check-in” times will be only for those with 175 items or more.

Now, about “receiving”…to refresh your memory we offer Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and now Monday to bring your items to us.  We ask that you attempt to “share the time” so we don’t have another “tail gate party” out there.  We know it was fun for some, but remember, it’s August…it will NOT be 70-75 degrees.  Also…FOR EVERYONE…we have added the “Sellers Agreement” to the website (under “consignors“) to try to make the receiving process a bit faster.  If you will print, read, and sign it then bring it along with your inventory report (manage inventory/reports (bottom right)/inventory report/print), things will be very nice.

So, here’s the scoop:  1. Enter your items…you have 2 more weekends     2. We need hangers     3. Schedule a “Check-in” time if you have over 175 items   4. Don’t forget the “Sellers Agreement” and the “inventory report” when coming to receiving

Last two items…pray…we have yet to pass the building inspection…kinda important.  finally, yes, it’s the fall/winter sale, but we do accept short sleeves and sports shorts.

Ok, Have a great week and let us know if we can do anything for you!

-Dee and Renee