Getting Started

Items you need:

*Patience (a couple free nights and a room where you can make a mess for a few days…and have a computer)

*Access to the internet with printer (if you are without, please contact us we have ladies who will inventory for a small fee)

*Wire hangers only.  No plastic please.  I have some on my porch, help yourself to what you need.  You may also ask your drycleaners if they have any.  Friends who dryclean tend to be willing to get rid of their wire hangers too.

*60-65# white cardstock

*Clear packing tape

*Straight pins (to pin your tags onto your clothing) [We have some available, contact us at]

*Strong safety pins (large-extra large/jumbo) to hang your pants to the hangers

*Clear Ziplock bags (gallon size is most popular)

*Extra note cards (for items with multiple pieces)

*A Sharpie

What to do???

1. Register as a consignor (click on “Login” at the menu and follow prompts)…this is free

2. Read and follow all the tagging instructions and inventory requirements (click on  “Consignors”)…VERY IMPORTANT STEP!

3a. Sort inventory (clothing by gender then size)

3b. Sort inventory (non-clothing by gender and age (crib, infant, toddler, preschool))

3c. Sort inventory (promise this is a step that will save you LOTS of time later)

4. Enter inventory (AFTER you have sorted!)

5. Print tags

6. Attach tags (with STRAIGHT pins…NOT SAFETY)

7. Print out “Inventory Report” (in “manage inventory” at the bottom of the box “reports”)

8. Print out “Sellers Agreement” (in “consignors”) and sign

9. Come to Receiving with all your inventory, report, and agreement during the receiving hours most convenient to you!

10. Come shop Monday night…special night for consignor shopping only!

11. Pick up your unsold items and check at Pick up!

12. Enjoy a decluttered home and some extra spending money!