PLEASE do not make a check-in appointment if you do not have over 175 items.  Those of you who have less than 175 items can come anytime at your convenience during Receiving hours.  We ask that if you have over 150 items to NOT come before 6:30 Thursday evening if at all possible.  We normally do have a rush at the beginning.

Inventory reports are located under “manage inventory”; “reports” (right of screen, under box); “inventory report”; print report (right of screen)

Seller’s Agreement is located under “consignors” on the home screen

You are entering like crazy!  Way to go!  OH!  Our ladies are helping you out!  We have hangers coming in, so let us know if you need some!

PLEASE sort your items by gender and size BEFORE you enter them.  This will make life MUCH EASIER for you…please trust us on this.  All girls 2t, then 3T, then 4T…etc.  when you enter the items, it will go faster and when you check in it will go faster, and when you put them on the sales floor it will go much faster…it may seem tedious at the beginning, but we promise it is faster in the long run.

Ok, gotta run…see you soon!


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