Well, it’s official…you’ve entered over 5,000 items in 2 days…there are no words.  The really scary part is that some of you have already told me you are waiting until Monday because you want to use Saturday and Sunday to complete your inventory…I’m not sure we built enough racks! 🙂

So, the racks are up (we added over 200 feet of rack space) and receiving is nearly ready.  We have a few last things to do…as always.  There will be signs pointing to receiving, so please follow those.  Again, we have a new location…AMERICAN OUTDOORS ADVENTURES on 82 right past the Acme fencing company and across the street from Custom Interiors. (actually, if you get there, you’ve gone too far).  It is supposed to be hot and rainy this weekend, so please make sure you know how you are getting your stuff to the store.  If you all wait until Monday we are going to keep the EMT’s busy with all the heat exhaustion.  Please bring water to drink in case there is a wait.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR INVENTORY REPORT!!!!  After you login, go to “manage inventory” then “reports” (right side of screen at bottom of box), then “inventory report”…print!  Yes, it may be backwards…it’s ok.  Make sure your items are in ITEM NUMBER order.  It would be wonderful, too, if you went back to the “home” page (first consignment sale page), then “consignors”, then “Seller’s Agreement” and printed that out.  Bring it after you have read and signed it.  Remember, after we check you in, you will need to take your items and place them on the sales floor.  Putting them where they belong is an important step to selling you items.  We will have racks for costumes, uniforms, juniors, and maternity, so please be on the lookout.  Again, print out those flyers off the website and pass them out.  Your items must sell and in order to sell, we need shoppers:)!

Finally, Please Make A Note that CONSIGNOR SHOPPING HAS BEEN CHANGED!  Our consignors are getting all Monday night to themselves!  We will give you the “golden ticket” (nope still not gold) for you to come in Monday night, the 15th, 5-9PM.  Our vendors will be set up by then and you will have the opportunity to shop their wares as well.

Ok, see you in a few hours!  Oh, that means I won’t be quick to answer your emails.  We do have hangers on the brown barn porch and cardstock available for $1 (10 sheets) at the store.

Can’t wait!

Dee and Renee

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  1. what is the best way to group children’s books. I have paperback scholastic books in excellent shape. Can I group them in a ziploc bag or do I tag them individually? Sorry I could not access your email through the website. Thanks!

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