Reminder (for our procrastinators…whom we love)

Ok, ladies, i know you are waiting the last minute…trust me, I understand!

Just a reminder…”check-in” appointments only need to be made if you have 175 items or more.  If you have waited until now, we will take you when we can anytime during receiving, but please know we will not keep those with fewer waiting.  Those of you who have less items please take a look at “dates and times” in the menu bar for the times of  Receiving.  If we are open, you are welcome:).

Please have your Seller’s Agreement (home page with kids on hangers, click “consignors” then “seller’s agreement”  and Inventory Report (login, manage inventory, reports (below box on right of screen), inventory report)

No diaper genies

No cribs

No carseats over 5 years old

No R or M rated movies or videos

Fall/Winter items

Ok, that’s it…gotta run!


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