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Public Shopping

Tuesday night begins the public shopping!  We open at 5PM and will be open until 9PM.  We have made arrangements to have our own little “shuttle bus” to help with parking.  We ask that you please park in the Winn Dixie shopping center just 2 blocks from the store in the spaces closest to 19.  We will have a bus/van going from there every few minutes to pick you up and deliver you to the door of the store!  It will be very nice and easy.  We will take you back to your vehicle and hold all your large items until you can bring your car back for us to help load.  It’s a working system.  We ask you to NOT park in the parking lot next door.  They will be conducting business until 9PM and still need the spaces for their clients.  If you do park there, you risk being towed.

We look forward to serving you!  See you tomorrow!

2013 Spring Summer Sale – Receiving Begins Today

Hello families!  It’s here!  We begin Receiving today!

Receiving (consignors bring their tagged items to be sold in the store)

Thursday, Jan. 31st | 5 – 8PM

Friday, Feb. 1st | 9AM – 1PM & 5 – 8PM

Saturday, Feb. 2nd | 9AM – 6PM

Monday, Feb. 4th | 9AM – 6PM

So, here is your checklist…

1. All items in “item number” order.

2. Inventory List without this, we cannot check you in. Go to:  login, manage inventory, reports, inventory report, click on the arrow next to “items” to place your items in order with lowest number first, print report.

3. Seller’s Agreement: at the home page (if you’ve logged in, logout and go “home”).  “consignors”, 2013 seller’s agreement  [this is on our site, not the inventory.  if you can’t find it, we will have some at receiving.]

4.  Please remember bumbos were recalled…we cannot sell recalled items

5.  Car seats must have an expiration date on them…we will not sell one with an expired tag or without a tag

6.  For those who have large outdoor items or furniture, please use the “Garden Entrance” gate.  It is to the left of the store.

7.  Please make sure your clothing is on wire hangers and tagged correctly (tag on right shoulder as you look at garment on hanger)

8.  For those who have less than 100 items Receiving takes about 20 minutes…plan accordingly.  We have almost 20,000 sq. ft. of space…wear your walking shoes!  Once we approve your inventory and have compared it to your inventory report, you will place your items on the sales floor.  Be mindful to place your items in the correct spot…or it may not sell!

9.   Please make sure your items are spring/summer.  We will not accept Christmas dvd’s, mittens, winter hats, boots, etc.

10.  DO NOT FORGET TO GET YOUR “GOLDEN TICKET”!  After you have placed all your approved items on the sales floor, be sure to get your ticket to shop early!

Ok, I think that’s it for now!  See you soon!

Renee and Dee