Public Shopping

Tuesday night begins the public shopping!  We open at 5PM and will be open until 9PM.  We have made arrangements to have our own little “shuttle bus” to help with parking.  We ask that you please park in the Winn Dixie shopping center just 2 blocks from the store in the spaces closest to 19.  We will have a bus/van going from there every few minutes to pick you up and deliver you to the door of the store!  It will be very nice and easy.  We will take you back to your vehicle and hold all your large items until you can bring your car back for us to help load.  It’s a working system.  We ask you to NOT park in the parking lot next door.  They will be conducting business until 9PM and still need the spaces for their clients.  If you do park there, you risk being towed.

We look forward to serving you!  See you tomorrow!

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