Alrighty families!  Here we GO!!!!

Receiving begins tomorrow night: Here are the dates and times…
Thursday, Aug. 2nd / 5 – 8PM
Friday, Aug. 3rd / 9AM – 1PM & 5 – 8PM
Saturday, Aug. 4th / 9AM – 6PM
Monday, Aug. 6th/ 9AM – 6PM

Please be mindful of Moe’s customers.  We have the first 2 rows of parking as you enter…Moe’s has and needs the rest.  We will be using the front door to enter and bring your items through.  Please do not block the entrance.

So, here is your checklist…
1. All items in “item number” order.

2. Inventory List without this, we cannot check you in. Go to:  login, manage inventory, reports (right side of screen at the bottom of the lower box), inventory report, print report.

3. Seller’s Agreement: at the home page (if you’ve logged in, logout).  “consignors”, 2012 seller’s agreement  [this is on our site, not the inventory.  if you can’t find it, we will have some at receiving.]

For our newbies, it’s as simple as coming to the store at your convenience (during hours) with your items, list, and agreement.  You will select a number if necessary, or just let us tell you which table and rack you may use.  Load all your items on the table and rack in order.  Let us check everything with your inventory report.  Once we verify your items and let you know what we will accept, you will then place your items in their correct place on the store floor.  It is over 15,000 square feet, so wear your walking shoes.  After all your accepted items are out, you will get your “golden ticket” from the volunteer who checked you in.  This ticket allows you entrance Monday night (the 13th) to shop.  No ticket, no entrance.  We recommend giving yourself 30 minutes for every 50 items, but this also depends on what you are bringing and when you bring it.  We are busier Saturday and Monday.

For all of you, we are going to add a “layout” of the store under the “consignors” tab at the home page before tomorrow.  This will give you an idea of what the store will look like for Receiving so you will know where your items will go.  It will be rough, but hopefully helpful:).Finally, please know that “check-in” times are only necessary if you have entered 175+ items into inventory.  We have scheduled extra volunteers during those times so that the consignors with hundreds of items to check in will not back up the flow of receiving.  PLEASE do not sign up for a checkin time if you do not have 175 items or more.  You may come in anytime!  The wait has not been bad since we’ve begun doing this, so know that if you have 100 items and come in on Monday, the wait is still minimal!  We do our best to honor your time. Now, that said, for those of you who will have to wait until this weekend to discover that you will have 175+ items on Monday and no appointment, know that your wait may be longer.  Please be patient with us.

Ok, I think that does it for now.  OH, if you have registered for a check-in appointment and do not have 175+ items, please click the “deselect” button.  We may do this before you get to it so that the appointments are still available for tomorrow…don’t be surprised either way:).

So very excited!  You have all been very busy!  I’ll give you some numbers next email….


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