Day 1 Receiving

Wow, thanks to our volunteers and our consignors tonight!  Great job to you all!

Again, some reminders:  Please park on the rows closest to Westover.  Please use wire hangers.  Please read and follow the tagging instructions under the Consignors page on the website.  Please know we will answer your emails now each evening…we are at the store now.  Receiving hours are located under the “dates/times” page on the website.  PLEASE DO NOT USE A CHECK-IN  TIME IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 175 ITEMS.  You do NOT need a check-in time if you have less than 175 items.  If you have registered for a check-in time and do not need it, please “deselect” your time so someone who needs it can have it.  We have scheduled volunteers during those times to check-in those consignors with appointments so they do not stop our regular receiving line.  It is for the good of All of Us if the check-in times are used for only those with 175+ items.  Everyone else can come in ANYTIME DURING RECEIVING HOURS.

We have gone from a big empty store to a big store with a couple thousand items in it in less than 5 hours.  We have many more hours ahead and thousands to go.  So many great deals coming in!  Can’t wait for you to see it!



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