Friday Receiving

Again, wow…for our slow day, we sure were busy!  Thanks again to our volunteers and our consignors.  You ladies truly amaze me.  We had some fantastic examples of kindness today.  Our ladies were waiting so patiently and as they waited they helped our newbies with needed information.  Thank you…you were such a blessing.  You see, being next to Moe’s has brought many curious potential shoppers.  Those waiting not only helped each other bring their items in, but they also explained when the public shopped and other details.  So, we will need your help the next couple days.  When you come in we ask that you have your items in item number order, your inventory report, and you may need to take a number.  They are at the entrance door.  During the check-in, you may place your items on the sales floor but we ask that you do not take time to look around.  When we have those looking around it seems to bring those on the outside in…we had some who started shopping a bit early:).  No worries, they understood and all your items are back in their place.  Could those of you help us by making sure you place your items on the floor quickly (and correctly)?  In doing so this helps make the table and rack available to the next consignor.  We hope this will allow us to keep a closer eye on who is coming in (instead of who is shopping).

For those of you who have waited until this weekend to enter your items, please be mindful of your time.  We do have some cardstock and pins at the store if you need some before you begin the entering.  Cardstock is sold 10 for $1.  Keep in mind that it helps greatly to sort your items by size and category first.  Then enter your items into the computer.  Remember that tagging is the most time consuming.  Give yourself plenty of time to print, cut, pin, and keep everything in order.  It will take longer than you think.  We will not accept items that are not tagged and hung prior to entering the store.

We look forward to tomorrow…please know that we do our best to make receiving quick, but there is almost always a wait.  Thanks again to the fantastic attitudes of our consignors today…really a pleasure!

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