Receiving Countdown!

Alright ladies…let the countdown begin!

Receiving begins this Thursday at 5PM!  A couple reminders (that you will see again in the coming days)…

1.  Make sure you print out and bring your Inventory Report (login – manage inventory – reports – inventory report – print) (tip: if your report prints from largest number to smallest number, that’s fine don’t reorganize…to print your report in smallest number to largest, just click the arrow next to the “item” column on your inventory report)

2.  Please print, read, and sign the “2012 Sellers Agreement” on the ‘Consignors’ page and bring this with you to receiving

3.  Make sure you load all your items in your vehicle in Item Number order…this will match your report and make life a bit easier at receiving

4.  At receiving, you will place your clothing items in item number order and your table items in item number order.  We will then check you in and once we have determined what we will allow in and what we will not, you will put your accepted items in their correct places on the sales floor…please be diligent with this.  If you place your 5T clothing in 4T, it will not sell.

We are excited to see you all in just a few days!  The store is coming together (much faster this time:)).  We will try to have our vendors ready to introduce to you on the “vendor” page of the website by week’s end.  You are entering inventory like crazy now…looking good!  Oh, that reminds me…only register for a “check-in” time if you have over 175 items entered in inventory.  We will remove you otherwise.  For those with less then 175, no appointment is necessary…come at your convenience during receiving hours.

I’ll be in touch again…

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