scheduled down time

Our database center has an issue that must be addressed and in an attempt to be proactive, they must do it this Saturday (Jan. 28th)  from 10PM EST until 2AM EST.  It will impact our servers but probably not for all of those 4 hours.  They cannot give us a specific time or time frame though.  So, for all you late owls, do not enter items during that time.  You can print your tags before then and attach your tags during those hours, or hang your clothes, or make all your items look like new…we would just not recommend being logged on to the inventory part of the site at that time.  I can tell you that in the past this has only affected the site for less than 30 minutes…however, if your luck is like mine it will be during the time i’m on it! 🙂  So, again…plan accordingly.
Sorry for the inconvenience.  If you have any questions feel free to ask…I’ll do my best to answer.