Fall/Winter Begins!

Hi ladies!

The Fall/Winter Sale is upon us!  It seems crazy to prepare for a fall/winter sale while the days are beautiful and HOT, but now is the time!  I have already begun getting the sweaters and shirts and pants ready!  Receiving begins in 9 weeks!  Sheesh!  Everything is up and running so you can begin entering your items into inventory and tagging things now.  We are currently deciding on the location of this sale…pray for us!  We also have dates established.  Our prayer is that the place fits the dates…because this is the only time we have to do the sale! HA!

So, if you have any questions, we are an email away.  Let you friends know now so they can spend a couple hours each week entering items in.  When you start getting the school supply list, you may panic…so seize the moment!  That fall clothing is good to go NOW!  Oh!  And another reminder…this sale covers the major holidays…HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, AND VALENTINES!!!!  Don’t forget your costumes, and daddy daughter dresses along with your holiday clothing!  Toys in fantastic condition make fabulous Christmas gifts…so shine everything up!

Ok, see you in 9 weeks!!!!

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