It’s Time!


You ladies are cracking me up!  I can only imagine the chaos in your home right now because YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!!  These last 2 days you’ve entered thousands of items…yes, that’s not a typo…2 days and THOUSANDS of items later.  We are going to have an incredible sale!  Just maybe this is going to be worth cleaning that urinal (ok, probably not, but how many of you can say you’ve had the “opportunity” to clean a public urinal?  HAhahahahaha!).  Yes, the joy of consignment ownership has now placed me in the elite of urinal cleaners…this is how God keeps me where I need to be ;).  Oh, and if anyone needs someone who knows how to swing a Swiffer and scrub a floor…just ask.

Enough rambling, let’s get to business…Receiving begins later today (HA!) and we are booked, so for those of you coming without an appointment, please be patient.  Give yourself an hour to get here, unload, set up, and place on the floor.  For those who are brining lots of clothes, you will be able to take a rack to your car (there is a ramp), but be careful driving (cars and racks).  There are holes in the asphalt where the plumbers had to dig.  For those of you who have large items in a truck (this does not include SUV’s), there is a loading dock in the back.  Feel free to use it, but let us help you…it’s high and meant for an 18 wheeler.  Parking is tight…please be careful backing out to leave.  There are yellow poles everywhere and Renee and I have come perilously close to them…LOOK WHEN BACKING!!!!

Things to remember…YOUR INVENTORY REPORT!!!!!!  YOUR INVENTORY REPORT!!!!!!!  YOUR INVENTORY REPORT!!!!!!  Please don’t forget your inventory report :).  We do not have internet or a printer at the store.  When at receiving, you will sign the Seller’s Agreement (green paper).  It says you know nothing has been recalled, the $5 selling fee will be taken out of your check, you expect 70% of your sales, and the date to pick up unsold items and your check.  There are a few other things on there too…please make sure you read and sign it before leaving.  We will also have a handout (now I sound like a teacher) discussing parking.  PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OUR NEIGHBORS!  PetSupermarket has been GREAT and we want to respect their spaces.  Please stay out of the front spaces to the building.  Use the spaces around the back of the building.  The hand out will fill you in on parking for Tuesday but we are encouraging ALL to carpool!!!!

Alright, it looks like this is going to be the biggest and best yet!  Maybe you’ll even be able to move the clothes on the racks (well, one can wish).  Can you tell it’s 1AM?  And this is our early night!  See you soon!

6 thoughts on “It’s Time!

  1. Question: I couldn’t find this anywhere and I ALWAYS forget! Which way should the hanger face? I saw where the tag should be on the left shoulder, so should the hanger face the opposite way?

  2. I know y’all are SUPER busy right now, but I’m one of the procrastinators! :/
    Can I include pants in this sale?
    Thanks and looking sooo forward to this for the 3rd time!

  3. Go to “Manage Inventory” – “Reports” (right hand side, at bottom of box) – “Inventory Report” – Print Report
    Now, if you want your item numbers to be in ascending order, click the arrow next to “item”. Currently it is set in descending order…slightly confusing, but not a big deal…we’ll just start with the highest item number at check in.
    You can also print out selected items from your inventory, just choose those items in your “manage inventory” list and sort however you want. Take a moment to play with all the options…it’s kinda cool:). At least we think so (hehehe)

  4. There should be a picture with a pink shirt in the “tagging” section. I hope this helps. This is how I describe it….
    The hanger should make a ? or the number 2 when you are looking at the front of the item. The tag should be to your right, or on the items left shoulder (or hip). Let me know if you have any other questions:)

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