2 days before receiving begins!

Well…you have certainly been busy this weekend!  You have been entering items like crazy!  Good job!

A little housekeeping…

We have a few (and I mean a few) extra hangers…email me if you need directions.

Remember to have the price on only ONE of the tags to your items that have parts that you want to label…this is mainly in reference to large toys with accessories or furniture that comes unassembled.  The extra tags can be handwritten on notecards.

For those with over 175 items…email us 3 best times for you during receiving hours to set up an appointment.

DON’T FORGET YOUR INVENTORY REPORT when you come in for receiving.

See you in a few! 🙂

2 thoughts on “2 days before receiving begins!

  1. i found some children’s wire hangers at walmart – but they have this vinyl coating on them…will these be ok?? thanks!

  2. Yes! Those are fine…a bit more difficult to slide on the racks, but they will work. 🙂

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