Day one of Receiving…CHECK!

Well…3 hours and 2500 items later…we’re off!  17 hours left to bring your inventory!  And can I tell you the cute level of some of these items!!!!  It ALMOST makes me want another baby…ummmm  probably NOT the right reason :).

Ok, for those whom I have confused, you DO NOT need an appointment if you have less than 175 items…no worries.  And YES, we invite friends and family and former shoppers and neighbors and strangers to shop Tuesday night at 7:30 til 9:00.  ONLY THOSE WITH A TICKET WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER AT 5…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  You will receive this “golden ticket” (no, not really gold) after you fill out your paper work and place your items in the store and see a volunteer.  Oh, and please come to the back of the building for receiving.  We’ll all be there and if there is a line, there will be numbers on notecards to keep your place…take one.


2 thoughts on “Day one of Receiving…CHECK!

  1. QUESTION: can i bring in some one elses stuff along with mine… she wont be able to make it to drop off her items … she has to work through out the recieving?

  2. Absolutely! You will have to fill out her agreement, so have her address and email with you.

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