A friend of mine asked me to use one word to describe Thursday…I said “smooooth“.  Today’s word was more like “overwhelming”.  Ummmm…ya’ll got a lot of stuff!!!!  And much is FABULOUS!  (yeah, you just thought of it, Sharpay singing “FAAAB-U-LOUS!”  you know you did!)

Ok, for those of you who came tonight…THANK YOU!!!…you were so kind and patient!  It was like a little consignment tail gate party out there:).  Kids were playing (maybe that was whining), mamas were talking, daddy’s were wondering how long this was going to take…oh my!  For those of you who have waited until tomorrow we’re hoping you will all not come at the same time :).  I think the average wait time to get into the store was 90 minutes tonight.  We were handing out numbers before we opened!  Yeah, NEVER been like this before!  We even had some of our unscheduled volunteers come to the rescue…thanks ladies!  So, normally (although nothing about this sale has been NORMAL!), Saturday’s are steady.  We see as many consignors on Saturday as we do Thursday and Friday combined.  Which means we double our inventory on Saturday.  Now, for those who were in there tonight…you know what that means…we are busting out of some rooms!  Renee and I have reshuffled much of the items so no worries, we have space for all your treasures.  We’ll reshuffle after receiving ends again:).

So, for all you Saturday receivers…”HEAR YE! HEAR YE!”  Come to the back of the store, if there is a volunteer available…you’re golden!  If not, please take a number on the chair (you’ll see them).  It gets warm in there, so you’ll want to wait at your car (hence the tailgating).  While you are at your car and if you can, please make sure your items are in INVENTORY NUMBER ORDER!  That will make things go MUCH smoother.  Also, have your inventory reports with you…and could you put your name on them?  Thanks.  Checking in takes no time at all if you’re in order…it’s just getting to the check in point! 🙂  When you leave, make sure you have your ticket and parking information, and you’ve signed the green agreement.  You’re good!

We will NOT be at our computers the entire day…you can contact us at the store.  OH!  And for those who have an appointment, you DO NOT have to get a number…just tell us you’re there and have an appointment.  Now, if you are over 15 minutes late, you forfeit your appointment time and have the opportunity to get a number like the rest.

Ok, I think that’s it for today.  We look forward to seeing you in a couple hours!  Dee 🙂

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