2 weeks!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We wish you a lovely weekend and a wonderful Valentines Monday!

Well, in 14 days we will be finishing up receiving all your items.    Ready?

For those of you who will have over 175 items, please contact us to make a receiving appointment (info@theconsignmentsale.com).  We still have some hangers available…help yourself.

Reminders:  NO diaper genies or car seats over 5 years old.  No fall/winter clothing.  Button all buttons, zip all zippers, snap all snaps.  All items that are supposed to work, must work…include batteries.   Use LARGE Safety pins to attach clothing to hangers (a MUST for bathing suits)…straight pins for tags (3 sticks, in, out, in) only.  3 bags of shoes max…can have more than one pair in a bag, but must be same size.  On bagged items, tag must be on the outside of the bag… 1 strip of clear packing tape across middle.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’ll let you know:).

We are trying to find a moment when we can have a “question/answer” hour for those who need it to give examples of tagging and hanging and pricing.  It may end up being photos on the website…we’re trying.

Stay tuned for receiving instructions!  See you all soon!

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