First of the Many!

Well ladies, it’s here…I can update and you can check at your convenience. Maybe this way I won’t inundate you with multiple emails! Well, one can hope :).

In this space I will update and remind and hopefully give you valuable information, so please check on us regularly.

New Consignors…Welcome! Please be sure to check out all the information on the site for instructions on hanging and tagging your clothing and preparing your toys, furniture, and other items to sell. We are working on having a “training day” for those who are visual learners :)…keep checking in for the date and time.

Hangers: We still have some available. Email us for directions

For now, things are running smoothly. Space is leased, Fire inspection has been passed, power is on (need to check on water), and parking is working out. Speaking of parking…we know there is little of it, so we are going to ask you to carpool and give you detailed instructions at receiving concerning available parking Tuesday night. When we receive your items the 24th -26th we will have a map of available parking…be sure to get one. We will also have signs and loving husbands directing traffic (they will also be driving a shuttle, but that’s still our little secret!). There will be more on logistics in the coming weeks…I know you just can’t wait!

We have added a little spot on the website (right hand side/margin) under “Next Sale” it says “Flyer”. We have added that for those of you who would like to post something at work. Feel free to download, print, and post…just make sure it’s ok with whoever is in charge :). Remember, the more who shop, the more you sell!

And now for those pesky and rather “motherly” reminders…ladies, please remember to check your videos. Make sure they are in the box (we suggest taping shut), the right movie is in the right box, and the rating is G or PG. We would rather not have PG-13, but we will make a few exceptions. Video games will be checked for rating as well…nothing over T. We will be testing all battery operated toys and such at receiving. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t sell…include the batteries. With that said, we understand that action figures with movable parts are still fun without sound…just make sure your tag states that it doesn’t work and price it accordingly. This will NOT be the norm. With baby equipment, it must run when brought in. Games and puzzles…ladies please make sure the pieces are included! Most of this probably doesn’t need to be said, but we understand completely the “purge” bug that enters us as we begin getting ready…the “tagging” bug that follows, and the aching fingers once all the pins have been pinned. We are all guilty of forgetting about the buyer. Try to remember to put yourself in the shoppers position…”how much would I pay for this” and “would I buy this in this condition” are great questions to ask yourself as you are purging and tagging.

Those bringing in bows…please contact us. We do not have the same freedoms to pin through the drywall. You will be responsible for displaying and we would like to talk to you about it so we can make proper arrangements.

Ok, I think enough has been said for our first post…I’m sure there will be others! Have a great Wednesday and talk up the sale! You have already entered over 2,000 items into inventory…keep it up!

Until the next time…