location, location, location

Hi families, good news…we have a location!!!

Drum roll please…we will be in the old Office Max building next to the mall!  PTL!  Keep praying, there is still a lot to do…we need every prayer we can get!

So, that is the good news…the “other” news is we may still be having some email issues.  If you or your friends have aol, att, or comcast…you are not receiving emails from us.  We are working on that and it should be resolved soon.  Please keep looking at the blog on the website and send your friends there.  We will try to make sure all posts are current.

Also, please check your personal account information.  Especially your email address.  Several of you have changed it (you won’t receive this via email, but only for our blog readers…could you let your friends know:).

Ok, I think that’s it for now.  We’ll be in touch!


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