Sigh…341 of you decided to sell your wares…over 28,000 of them.  We saw over 120 of you today!  Again, kudos to you and Renee!  The combination was wonderful.  There were a couple moments where there was a wait, but for the most part, you all did a fantastic job of being prepared!  We are so proud of you!  There is some VERY cute stuff in the store!  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time you took to wash, press, and hang your items.  It never goes unnoticed.  Our shoppers enjoy the experience because they know they will get some fantastic clothing, toys, and more for their children.  Now for you…

You may not hear from us for a couple days…no worries, I’ll do my best to post pictures on the FaceBook invite of the areas we finish arranging…but this may be my last contact for a moment or two:).  We will be working to get the store shopper friendly.  Oh, THANK YOU too, for being diligent in placing your items in the right bins and catagories…that will help us a lot!  You will be shopping Monday, the 15th, from 5PM to 9PM…JUST YOU (our consignors!).  Remember, “one ticket, one person”.  We ask you to NOT bring the children Monday night.  We are also going to boldly ask you to tell your friends who you invite on Tuesday evening (5PM-9PM) to NOT bring their children either.  It’s just not safe.  We honestly do this for the children.  They are not seen when mamas are trying to get somewhere in particular and they trip over the children because their hands are full and their eyes are on the prize.  These 2 evenings we urge you to make it a “girl’s night out”.  Leave the kiddos with daddy or the grands.

As for the shopping, because the children will not be with you we suggest you bring a sizing guide.  Make a list of the sizes you will need…shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes for each child.  When I say sizes, I mean take a shirt, pants, shoe, etc that fits and measure with a cloth tape measure the “dimensions” of the garment.  Write them down.  For example, a shirt…measure from shoulder end to shoulder end and shoulder seam to bottom seam.  Once you have those measurements, you can use those to determine if a shirt you like will fit your child.  We all know that just because the size says one thing, doesn’t mean it will fit.  Using the same tape measure, measure the same dimensions at the store and make sure the measurements are bigger!  It’s that easy!  Skirts, shirts, and pants will not be too short!  It works for me:) (I also measure the waist)   This will also help you remember your bag…it will have your tape measure and your note sheet in it!

Ok, gonna get some sleep now…well, after I send an email to our vendors…YES!  Don’t forget our vendors…bring an extra check or cash for them…they will be offering their custom trades…such fun stuff for mama’s, babies, and families!

Goodnight and see you in a week!

Dee and Renee

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