Final Weekend

Well, this is the final weekend to get your items into the store!  Whoo Hoo!  There are already thousands of items in the store, and we are expecting thousands more!  We will be open for Receiving today, Saturday, and Monday.  Please take a look at the “dates/times” on the website for the times.  For those who have over 175 items and have scheduled an appointment we ask that you be on time (maybe a little early to unload).  Now for the warning…

For those who have waited until the very last minute to enter all your items…be careful!  We expect to be VERY busy today and Monday.  The more you enter, the longer the wait.  It will be HOT outside.  This is not the easy part of the sale…receiving is WORK.  Put on your comfortable shoes (its a big store).  We know that some of you will have over 175 items and no appointment.  Please know we will get to you when we can.  But we ask that you not expect immediate attention when you have waited until the last minute…its just not kind to the rest of the ladies.  Next warning…those who have waited until the last minute, Do NOT come the last 15 minutes of the receiving time.  If you are new to this, we BEG you to take at least an hour to print out your inventory sheet, seller’s agreement, and load…there is a learning curve!  There is even a learning curve to Unloading! Also, newbies and procrastinators…know that it will take more than one hour to print, cut, and pin your tags.  DO  NOT expect that to happen in less time…not today (Murphy’s law ya know…).

Ok, enough mothering…you get the picture.  PLEASE  think of others too.  We want to sell your items, we want you to participate, we will have as much patience as we can muster…please BE PREPARED!

See you in a minute!

Dee and Renee

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