A Couple Reminders

Well, only 2 more weeks before Receiving begins!  We are excited to have our former location again for this sale.  The inside has so much room!  Check out “Location” on the menu bar to get the formal address and some tips if you haven’t been yet.

As you prepare your items for sale, don’t forget to sort your items by gender then size.  So, do all your girls 12 month clothes, then 2T, then 3T…you get the picture.  This will make entering your items faster (you won’t have to change the size) and placing your items on the sales floor much easier (taking all the 2T’s to the 2T rack instead of going from 12 month to 3T to 2T back to 12 month).  Also remember hanging can be challenging.  Take a few minutes to visit www.ConsignmentSaleQueen.net and watch her video tutorials.  She’s been doing this for a long time and it shows!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us info@TheConsignmentSale.com  We will answer your emails ASAP.

Can’t wait to see you!  (did i mention…you have already entered over 7,000 items into inventory!  Way to go!)

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