Well, here it is…time for the Fall/Winter sale!  Whoo-Hoo!  Yes the temperatures are at a steady 100, but now is as good a time as any in South Georgia to get those sweaters and such…HA!

So here is the “skinny”…we have acquired a new space.  WOW! and PRAISE THE LORD!  The gentlemen we are working with have been kind and are patiently dealing with the idea of  us :).  For some reason, I don’t think they know who we are (insert shock and gasp here) hehehehe.  So, the challenge is again going to remain the same.   The space is to return to them same or better condition.  Ladies, it’s because you help us out here, that we have found favor in as many landlord’s eyes as we have.  Thank You so much!  These owners take a chance on a seasonal business like us and we want to continue to have a good reputation…so let’s keep it up!  Ready?  The new space is twice as large as last sale…yep, we doubled the square footage!  We are now at 14,000 sq. ft!!!  And it’s beautiful!  Concrete floors, vaulted ceiling, wood fixtures, task lighting, shelving, and a large receiving area at floor level!!!!  (ok, so no water fountain, but we still love it!)  It’s the old American Outdoors building on 82/Dawson Rd.  Yep, that’s right…it’s a stand alone building!!!!  Our own parking lot!!!!!  I’m sure I’m using too many exclamation points, but we are thrilled!  We hope you are too…the convenience should be lovely.  Now, we will admit, this is a major step of faith for us.  None of this is coming free and our husbands are not excited about the vast amount of withdrawls in the budget without any increase in registration fees; so, this is where you come in. ( Please let me interject…they (our husbands) will also be quick to say they were the ones who kept asking if we had made the call about this building:)…thanks guys!)  As I was saying, we need you to sell stuff and bring in new consignors.  We are keeping the fee at $5 and the percentage at 70.  We just did not get an “ok” to change  it, so please help us out.  Print out the flyer and post it wherever you have permission.  Facebook your friends.  Tweet about your progress.  Talk it up in church and the work place and the neighborhood.  Remember this is the sale for all those fantastic buys!  Halloween costumes for under $10, doll houses for under the Christmas tree, bicycles, holiday accessories for October, November, December, and February…the list goes on!

Housekeeping…take notice of the new Dates/Times of the sale.  Sale dates are a week earlier than normal and receiving begins the first weekend in August.  With all this space we must have the extra time to organize and reinventory.  When you look at the dates, you’ll see what i mean.  This is GREAT for our consignors though.  You will have the entire evening to shop, Monday!   We hope it is a great time of estrogen filled giggles HA!   Now, with that, please notice under “tagging instructions” that we will NOT take cribs.  Really, NO CRIBS.  They are now illegal to resell.  We will begin taking cribs again after some time, but for now, no.  Not all the manufacturers or retail stores have caught up with the new regulations…nevermind the resellers!  We are heart broken for our mamas who always get such beautiful cribs at incredible prices with us, but we can’t do it.  Please note too, that there have been several recalls on nursery supplies so be sure to check out the “recalls” section under “consignors” and “tagging” in the menu.  If you are selling a carset, it must be under 5 years old, so the paperwork or the date must be on the seat.  Please use the manufacturer number to make sure it has not been recalled.  That goes for your pack n’ plays and other infant items as well.  Please use due diligence in this.  You do sign an agreement stating the items you are selling are safe for the consumer. Also, we know that fall and winter sports require shorts and t-shirts, so those type of clothing items will be allowed.  But remember the cute summer stuff sells better in the spring/summer sale.  No girls tanks and cute short outfits with little bathing suits on them…we PROMISE those will sell better in the next sale.  Yes, short sleeve items and some shorts will be allowed, we know it’s hot for a long time, but PLEASE don’t make us out to be the bad guys…if you got it for Easter, wait.

Well, you have already entered over 1000 items into inventory and at this rate you will exceed your 24,000+ items entered from last sale.  Ladies, you amaze us.  We know this is an incredible blessing for most of you…it is for us.  We so look forward to seeing you again in just a few weeks.  Please feel free to comment or email us anytime.  We’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Happy tagging!   -Dee

3 thoughts on “LET IT BEGIN!

  1. i was just wondering on how to tag something with mulitple items to tht item.. i got a carseat with an extra car base for it … for an example

  2. For the car seat, place the printed tag on the seat (at the top) with a safety pin. On the printed tag make sure it says “extra base included” and write on the whitespace of the tag “1/2”. On the extra base, place an index card with your consignor number and the item number of the carseat on it…NO PRICE…but print 2/2 on it. Maybe put a little description on there too. With any multiple item entry, just make sure the shopper knows there are multiple items and that the items are marked clearly as well. I hope this helps!

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