Receiving (consignors bring their hung and tagged items in numerical order (along with their inventory sheets) to be sold in the store)

Thursday, February TBA  / 5 – 8PM

Friday, February TBA   / 9AM – 1PM & 5 – 8PM

Saturday, TBA  / 9AM – 6PM

Monday, TBA  / 9AM – 6PM

Selling (shopping hours for the consignors and the public)

**Monday, TBA  / 5-9PM !!!CONSIGNORS ONLY!!!!

Tuesday,  TBA  / 5-9PM (open to the public – NO CHILDREN OR STROLLERS PLEASE!)

Wednesday,  TBA  / 9AM – 6PM

Thursday,  TBA  / 10AM – 6PM

***Friday,  TBA / 9AM – 6PM  (1/2 price on selected items begins!)

***Saturday,  August 16th  / 8AM – 11AM

Pick-Up (consignors pick up their unsold items and check)

Friday,  TBA  / 6 – 8PM


**  For Consignors Only (must have ticket given at receiving.  No spouse, mother, friend, or children at the 5 o’clock hour please) the store will open to the public, family and friends 5pm Tuesday evening

*** Some items are half price